Johnstown claims big win to unlock Pony World Series | Sports

WASHINGTON, PA – Match like Saturday’s Johnstown Recreation PittBull/Rebels Championship opener for Johnstown Recreation PittBull/Rebels champion Johnstown Recreation PittBull/Rebels’ 13-12 win over Hagerstown, Md., was anything but extraordinary. Johnstown built a six-stroke lead only to see him disappear to the top of the sixth place when Hagerstown tied at 7. That wasn’t a problem for … Read more

Manistee Saints ends NABF World Series pool with a direct win over Hackensack | Sports

Battle Creek – Lucas Richardson played champion on Friday. The Manistee Saints finished their NB Base World Series pool with an original 3-0 record after Richardson lifted it via Hackensack Troasts by 6 times. 5. The Saints entered the bottom of the seventh game after 5-4. Jake Finkbeiner drove one line letters to the centfield … Read more