Is LSU getting close to QB? Thursday’s practice seems to give some indication. | LSU

At the start of an open practice Thursday morning, red school freshman Garrett Nosmeyer slowly took off into the outdoor fields. He lagged behind the rest of LSU’s quarterbacks, trying not to worsen an ankle sprain. Nosmeyer was wearing full pads without a brace or any visible tape, but his movement was limited by the … Read more

Jeff Duncan: His stock is up, down after two weeks of Camp Saints | Sports

We are now 2 weeks and 13 rehearsals at boot camp. Time to take stock of the 2022 New Orleans Saints Festival. Early returns were promising. We’ll know more once they start competing against the opponent, but the Saints seem to have answered many of the questions they asked in the off-season. The roster is … Read more

Saints Camp, 10th Day Notes: Michael Thomas, Tiran Mathieu near the end of the cliff? | saints

In the middle of the tenth training camp’s training, a siren sounded and warned of lightning in the area. With that, the Saints moved in and away from the massive crowd of fans who came out to see the team on a steamy Saturday morning in Metairie. Here’s what fans missed from the indoor facility. … Read more

The story of the iconic Dome Patrol poster and how it survived in the Hall of Fame | Jeff Duncan

When Pro Football Hall of Fame officials notify honorees of their extrapolation, the first thing they do is order personal artifacts to display in a cabinet exhibit at the museum in Canton, Ohio. Sam Mills’ family went to work right away. They dug into boxes of Sam’s personal belongings from his playing days in New … Read more