Meet the local artist credited with creating and designing the original San Antonio Spurs logo

Saint Anthony – This story originally aired on KSAT News Now, airing Monday through Friday at 11am on, KSAT+ and YouTube Live. Watch KSAT news now here. The San Antonio Spurs logo is one of the most popular professional sports logos across the country, but for nearly 50 years, it was just another project … Read more

The NBA tops the predictions for winning the loss for the 2022-23 season

picture: AP When odds makers issue NBA win futures, most casual fans look directly at their teams over/under and say, “My team is better than that.” After a lengthy and misleading rant about sharpshooters who do this for a living doing their job, the next step is to find the franchises they hate and word … Read more

Russell’s retirement number 6 across the NBA, the first in the league

Bill Russell’s No. 6 jersey has been retired across the NBA, the first in the league. The National Basketball Association and the National Basketball Players Association announced Thursday that the 11-time champion, civil rights activist and person good enough to be honored in the Basketball Hall of Fame as a player and coach was permanently … Read more

Number 6 Bill Russell who will retire in the NBA after the death of the legend last month

The NBA will honor the 11-time and all-time Greatest Champion Bill Russell By retiring number 6 for all 30 teams, making him the first player to receive such an honor. The National Basketball Association and the Basketball Players Association announced Thursday that the Russell commemorative patch on the right shoulder of the jerseys and a … Read more

Galen Bronson, show the Knicks’ love for the city in the next play

What happens inside and outside the playground Sign up for Inside the Knicks, an exclusive weekly member on Sports+. Bernard Bowen was expecting a big night, with two heads from the Nike Pro City quarter-final playoffs that will include Knicks forward Obi Tobin. But this went far beyond his loftiest aspirations. Because it wasn’t just … Read more

Warriors advised to extend Wiggins’ green before Thompson

GT Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and Jordan Poole celebrate during a game between the Golden State Warriors and the Utah Jazz. The Golden State Warriors You have some tough choices on the horizon, but making one or two of them now can make the rest easier in the future. steve curry will make $215 million … Read more

The most realistic line-up and starting line-up for the Brooklyn Nets next season

The Brooklyn Nets were a disappointing team during the Kevin Durant – Kyrie Irving era, as they couldn’t get past the second round during their two-star tenure. Their post-season performance this year has been particularly poor, with the Nets being the only team not to win a single match in the 2022 playoffs. NBA analyst … Read more

Oklahoma football assistant coach Cal Gundy uses the N word.

Cal Gundy is out in OUpicture: AP For Eve, it was the forbidden fruit. For Cal Gundy, the N-word was. Entitlement is the downfall of people unhappy with having everything. unsurprisingly, Mike Gundy Brother – Kal – loves to say the N word out loud in front of people. And since Oklahoma’s longtime football assistant … Read more