Aidan Hutchinson sings Billie Jean in Hard Knocks: Video

1. The new season of strong blows She got off to a great start last night thanks to rising Lions defensive lineman Aiden Hutchinson. Singing for beginners during boot camp was a staple of strong blows Throughout the show’s history, however, the Michigan star took things to another level with his thrilling rendition of Michael … Read more

Big Ten, ESPN to break up after 40 years

1. John Orand Sports Business Magazine The news broke on Tuesday morning that ESPN has withdrawn from negotiations with the Big Ten. The conference, which already has a partnership with Fox Sports, is expected to make deals with CBS and NBC. ESPN has broadcast the top ten football matches since 1982. Don’t worry about ESPN, … Read more

Big Ten, ESPN breakup is another sign of a growing division in college sports

Hard to believe today, given reported an imminent breakup of ESPN and the Big Ten Conference, But once upon a time, it was suspected that this connection was strong enough to determine who won the Heisman Prize. Twenty-five years ago, during what may be the most contentious and controversial of Heisman’s races of them all, … Read more

Jordan Taylor drives racing cars. Rodney Sandstrom worships them. Surprise: They are the same person.

Jordan Taylor has been racing his whole life. He’s been driving a lot of famous tracks and rubbing his shoulders with a lot of famous drivers, but he was still amazed to see how fanatical the followers of the sport were. It wasn’t long before the 2017 Daytona 24-hour run, he was in Brownsburg, Indiana, … Read more

College football preview: How the sport’s trend hangs in the balance

For years, summer has been known as the Talking Season in college football — media conference days in July produce a river of rhetoric from coaches and administrators that are pumping for bans and dealing with the future. But the last two summers It becomes looting season Additionally, with the Southeastern Conference and Big Ten … Read more