No. 3 on developments at the Leaders Training Camp

The Washington leaders They are in the midst of a training camp. The pads echoed and the pads echoed across the wet training field. Washington’s defense was dominant in loose practices.

The leaders’ attack has had some setbacks, and the quality of their play is expected to increase with the use of pads. It is worth noting that fifth-round rookie Cole Turner showed Exceptional Promise as Threat in a Scrolling GameMeanwhile, Jahan Dotson continues his consistent positive presence at the training camp.

However, not all was well for the leaders. While crime has improved recently, the overall product is still scattered. As defense advances early in the camp, here are three troubling developments so far in Ashburn.

No. 3 on developments at the Leaders Training Camp

(Photo by Scott Taich/Getty Images)

3. Semester Draft 2020

On the second day of training camp, Antonio Gandhi-Golden, the 2020 fourth-round pick, announced that he would retire from the NFL and go back to school. In his total two years in the NFL, Gandhi-Golden managed one pass for three yards and had one dash for 22 yards. He spent the whole of 2021 in the coaching staff and was in the middle of changing the situation to a tight end. adjoin it to Others took after him And this error becomes very frustrating.

Fifth-round pick Keith Ismail and fourth-round pick befriended Charles in the midst of roster fights, as he doesn’t guarantee getting to the last fifty-three. Chosen in the fifth round, Khaliki Hudson has a clear path to be a major depth-of-back, but was lackluster at best in his first two seasons.

Round seven raises the draft a bit with Kam Curl emerging as a solid start to safety, playing across the field with over 400 career shots out of the hole, free safety, and in the box. James Smith-Williams is deep behind Chase Young and Montez Sweat, yet he hasn’t proven himself to be trusted in a full-time role.

While the first two choices have exciting potential, they haven’t quite reached it yet. Chase Young’s 1.5 sacks in 2021 may be a misleading case, as he had 19 total presses when he hurt against the Bucs in Week 10. However, he did not fully develop as a pass and pass injury case. This growth stopped again another year. And if he developed into a player he could be, he was the second choice overall. How much credit should you really get for that?

Antonio Gibson is a strong back-to-back rider, especially entering his third full-time year in the role, but he still struggles in certain areas that prevent him from being trusted as a triple-back. His vision is still missing, he had six failures in 2021 and is still developing as a passing goalkeeper. He’s lighter weight and looks more explosive in training camp, so he should be more efficient in 2022.

However, Gibson’s chances of getting a second contract have dwindled. The addition of Brian Robinson gives Washington another option throughout, while Gibson has not emerged as an elite returnee, and the value of his position throughout the league could make him switchable.

So here’s the deal: The 2020 Washington Draft is, to put it mildly, a mixed bag. Chase Young and Kam Curl, at the very least, will end up being a very strong start to the leaders. Both could be better than that, too. However, with Gibson still being somewhat mediocre, the rest of the draft is uninspiring.

There are solid depth cuts in the spots but mistakes are bad. Gandhi Golden was knocked out of the league before his third season, Ismail struggled to hold a place on the roster and Charles never emerged as a capable answer.

For much of the praise that Kyle Smith received before heading to Atlanta, and which some deserved, it’s worth noting that his recent career as acting chief of staff wasn’t a heavy blow.