Homer’s ‘Non-Stop’ sends ‘Georgetown’ to the World Junior League title match

Jennison’s sophomore, Morgan Masek, explained that she’s hit buddies who’ve traveled further in the past.

None were bigger than the one I hit in the semi-finals of the World Junior League Championships Friday night in Kirkland, Washington.

Macyek, who ran into the cleanup for the Georgetown Central All-Stars, blasted her two-stage ride over the center right fence at the bottom of the ninth, giving her team an 8-7 win over the Summerlin South Little League in Las Vegas, Nevada. .

Central will now play its championship game on Saturday, which will be broadcast live on ESPN2. Additionally, Vitale’s of Hudsonville, 5779 Balsam Drive, will host a viewing party. Central will play the winner in the second match on Friday between Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

“First of all, I didn’t think it was over,” Macic said. “I thought it bounced at first because there’s a hill outside.”

Macyek entered the celebration as soon as she realized what had happened.

“I put my hand up and the first thing I thought of was that we are now in the world championships,” Macic said. “I was nervous because we were frustrated. I knew I was going to hit the ball and it would go away. I didn’t know he was going over the fence.”

The middle was trailing 7-6 when he hit the bat. The rules state that teams open additional innings with a runner in second place. With Central’s Claire Merritt in second and no one out, Macyek slipped 1-2 in the count before digging into Homer.

“We had a shrewd choice or not,” Central Central coach Calvin Merritt said. “She was due to have a good hit. She hit the ball really well, so we told her to go ahead and swing away. We gave her the go-ahead, she got the pitch she wanted and shot her over the right court. She’s a great hitter and she hits a good shot.”

Georgetown, which features players ages 13 to 14, won an extra game in the quarterfinals on Thursday, beating Milford, Connecticut, 2-1 in 10 runs. Friday’s match proved equally tense as Central recovered from a deficit four times.

West jumped 2-0 up in the first half and took a 3-1 lead when Central tied them for third with a pair of runs. West added a game in the fourth game, but Central answered in the half of the fourth game. Central scored in fifth to take his first 5-4 lead, but West charged twice into the top of the seven to regain the 6-5 advantage.

But Central didn’t finish, leading Kaelin Rifschneider to Messi Alkema’s two-team win to tie the match 6-6. Neither team scored in eighth before West rallied 7-6 as they took the lead in Group I.

“They never quit,” Calvin Merritt said. “They come down, but they’re like, ‘We got this, we’re going to be fine. “There’s always a chance until the end. We’ve taken it to last a few times now, but we’ve been fine.”

“No matter who makes a mistake, there is someone to take it. It’s always a different person. We’ve made some plays by people who embody the meaning of teamwork. That’s what great teams do. They work together and find a way to win.”

Claire Merritt placed all nine innings to claim the win. Merritt also had two hits and scored three runs. Masek, Alkima, and Kali Naber each had two hits each.

Vitales is planning to host a homecoming party on Sunday at 6pm Stay tuned Georgetown Facebook page for updates.