Eagles Training Camp 2022, Day 7: Setting goals in the middle of the field

The Eagles team returned to training on Saturday morning after a day off on Friday and experienced cool temperatures.

This was a “yellow” practice of vultures in whole pads. It lasted 1 hour 23 minutes with a 5-minute growth period lasting 1:28.

Sunday practice will be at 7pm on Link. It is the only general practice in the spring.

Let’s move on to today’s notes:

1. As always, some housekeeping items:

• Running backwards Boston Scott was added to the injury report with a concussion. He hits a powerful shot near the goal line from Marcus Epps during Thursday’s training. He eventually appeared but remained on the ground for a while.

• DeVonta Smith (groin), Grant Calcaterra (hamstring), Greg Ward (toe), Jordan Mailata (concussion) and Andre Dillard (concussion) all missed training again. Millata and Dillard go through concussion protocol but were at least on the field as spectators on Saturday; This is a good sign.

• McCain III (knee) was limited on Saturday.

• CB Cary Vincent Jr. and CB Jimmy Morland left training early due to unspecified injuries.

• Brett Toth (knee) and Terry Jackson (knee) are still active/PUP, but have been training with the coaches on the side fields.

2. Sometimes when you look at Jalen Hurts’ spray charts for matches last season, there was a noticeable hole in the middle of the field. There were times when Hurts didn’t throw in there much. So two Saturday plays really stood out.

• On one of them, Hertz threw a perfect seam pass to curvy Dallas Goedert. These two have been a little connected this summer.

• A couple later played, Hurts hit AJ Brown with a midcourt kick after Brown found some open space. Even before Smith was injured, the bulk of the passes this summer had been going to Brown. It was targeted by the ton.

3. Overall, it wasn’t a great day for Hurts but it wasn’t a bad day either. It did well with a few nice throws mixed in. Note: I didn’t watch 7-on-7s because I chose to watch OL-DL 1-on-1s. (He’ll talk more about that in a moment.)

Hurts’ best throw of the day came in 11v11 on a deep ball to Brown down the left sideline. Brown had a chance to pull the pass into the end zone but dropped it. Darius Sly had tight coverage on the play but the ball was dropped beautifully by Hurts and Brown couldn’t secure it; Slay probably got a hand on that. Brown lost eight assists last year with the Titans – 7.6%.

4. Keizer White had his best days at his training camp on Saturday. The Eagles were mixing and matching many different linebackers but White stood out. He blasted a screen pass to Miles Sanders and also got his hand to break a pass to Dallas Guedert. The Eagles have a full back. It is very strange.

5. Galen Rigor could have made good use of the training camp… but that didn’t matter. Rigor rose into the air to shoot a highball and took off his helmet in the process. Rigor seemed to be down with the football but the referee in the area ruled it was imperfect. Closed.

A little later in practice, receiver Deon Cain achieved a really great focus as the second team worked against the first team’s defense. James Bradbury jumped the pass and attacked him in the sky. But Cain was able to find it in the air, and even though he was on his back, he got it back. Good focus from Cain.

6. The Most Fun Part of the Camp: Offensive vs. Defensive Line Drills:

• Throughout these sessions, rookie Cam Jurgens demonstrated impeccable style that even stopped big ol’ Jordan Davis multiple times. Not Saturday. Although Jurgens tried to dock (and seems to have done everything right) Davis hit him with a bull gourd that Jurgens put on sleds. It was impressive. When the whistle blew to end the period, these two lined up again and the coaches wouldn’t let the actor happen. I feel a little bitter about it.

• Brandon Graham vs. Jack Driscoll has become a daily crime. I always think about what Len Johnson had to say about Graham, calling him a “bowling whistle”. This is very accurate. Graham basically passes through Driscoll every day.

• Lane Johnson handled the bulls from Haason Reddick with ease.

• Sua Opeta had several really great actors against Javon Hargrave. Isaac Siomalu is the Eagles’ right starting guard, but I’m starting to think Obita would be the best reserve guard on this team, maybe even above Driscoll.

• Driscoll had a nice actor against Patrick Johnson, allowing the young passer to use his momentum against him to expand his range.

• Good rep from rookie Kieron Johnson who sprinted to defeat Josh Sales to QB. By the way, Sells was the interference left by the second team today.

• Isaac Sumalo and Lynne Johnson had a good cast against Fletcher Cox and Hasson Riddick. Seumalo and Johnson have never played next to each other, but they look seamless.

• Although they weren’t interns, Mailata and Dillard were there to give advice to their younger co-actors. Always good to see her.

7. One of Hurts’ best throws on Saturday fell five feet from the boundary. In one game during team practice, Hurts rolled to his left but there was nothing, so he threw the ball out of the way. This is a good play for Hurts because earlier in camp his worst play was an INT he fired in tight coverage rolling to his left across his body. Nick Siriani complained about the interceptions earlier in the camp. Hurts didn’t throw a single at 11v11 today.

8. The Eagles were rotating into the second team corner versus Zeke McPherson and rookie Josh Jobe of Alabama took his chance on Saturday. Joby had a superb diving pass on a pass from Gardner Menshaw to Cain in the back end zone. In the next play, Jobe had a handy PBU on the left side. The offense wanted a penalty—AJ Brown even threw a towel as a makeshift flag—but the referee standing near the play didn’t name it. considered PBU.

9. Without Smith, the Eagles rotated their receivers on the team’s first attack. We saw several players get their turn, including Galen Regor, John Hightower and Britannia Covey. But Zach Pascal was the first person with AJ Brown and Quez Watkins. In the first play in 11 against 11, Brown and Watkins were wide and Pascal lined up in the hole.

Veteran Pascal returned to training as a limited participant on Thursday but was full on Saturday. He missed the first five practices of summer with a serious case of food poisoning that put him in the hospital for four days – thought it was a quesadilla with some spoiled chicken. The good news is that Pascal said he is starting to gain strength again after losing 16 pounds (!) during the ordeal.

10. Jason Huntley is known as a fast sprinter but he was running a middle streak today. In one play, he lowered his shoulder to the safe place of Andre Chacheri. Later, after a gentle run towards the left sideline, he made an impressively powerful arm. Without Scott, Huntley should have had more chances.

Stupid watch of the day: The Eagles had a fun practice on the boat’s return on Saturday. The returnee was holding a ball in his hand, and when the punctuation began to fall, they had to throw the ball into the air, catch the ball that had been thrown, and then try to catch the ball they had thrown to themselves. It seemed like the beginning of a juggling act. The only person who successfully accomplished the mission: Britannia Coffey.

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