Mark Madden: No lies revealed with Dennis Eckersley’s hacker comments

Boston Red Sox TV’s Dennis Eckersley wasn’t a hacker complement during Tuesday’s broadcast: “You’re talking about a no-name squad. There is no team like this,” Eckersley said. “This is a mixture of nothingness. It’s silly. It really is.” Eckersley looked stunned. The Pirates haven’t played a Red Sox since 2017. And Eckersley hasn’t recently seen … Read more

Eagles Boot Camp 2022: List of 53 men ahead of joint practices

The Eagles have gone through 12 training camps and one pre-season game. With four combined exercises and two more pre-season games remaining on their schedule, let’s take a look at the status of the list. Here’s a look at my latest predictions for a list of 53 men: Midfielders (3): Galen Hurts, Gardner Menchu, Red … Read more

Inbox: They’re there to play

Mike/Wes, I noticed yesterday that not a single question and/or comment started with “Insiders”. What gives? I obviously avoided starting with the title for fear of eliminating my question. You guys do realize that you are on the inside, right? Not us. At least, that was my intention when I scrapped “Inbox Inbox” in a … Read more

Ranking of Roquan Smith’s Most Likely Business Destinations

The main objective of Chicago Bears remained the same. They want to keep it Ruchuan Smith. He’s their best player and he’s got an extension. It’s a pity how things went. Smith does not have an agent and has tried to handle the negotiations himself. Things did not go well, which led to his official … Read more

Meets Morning News: Snow Ice Patty

Met mets The Mets overcame the Braves with a score of 9-7 in what started as a laugh, but ended with a bit of nail biting. Starling Mart and Francisco Lindor hit the Creepers back-to-back to give the Mets an early lead and beat Brett Patty Homer by two rounds on his first major league … Read more

Frances Ngannou slams UFC for restricting fighter sponsorship: ‘I lost over a million dollar deal’

Frances Ngano He’s been one of the most vociferous fighters to target the UFC over wages in recent months, but the heavyweight champion is now also taking the promotion to task for the restrictive care practices where athletes participate. His latest release came after the one-time UFC Middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold Compare the organization to … Read more